Build your deck. Optimize your cities. Bring life back to the lost continent.

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Dawnmaker is a solo strategy game combining board game and deck building elements. Raise buildings, improve your deck of cards and repel the toxic Smog which took over the world.


  • Reclaim the lost continent — The continent of Heksiga has been covered by a toxic Smog. Repair and improve magical lighthouses to repel that Smog and reclaim the land, region by region.
  • Build efficient cities — Make the best of your limited space by optimally positioning your buildings. Improve your lighthouse to repel the Smog and expand your city.
  • Manage your resources — Grow farms, build industries, develop science and inspire your people to create the rarest of resources: Éclairium!
  • Recover lost technologies — Explore vestiges of the old Empire and rediscover technologies that were lost to the Smog.