Build your cities. Optimize your deck. Bring life back to a dead world.

We create games

Arpentor Studio is a workers-owned company creating video games and based in Lyon, France. We emphasize cooperation in order to create a work environment that is inclusive, caring and creative. Our goal is to create games that make you think, learn and grow. There are currently two of us:

  • Portrait de Adrian Gaudebert Adrian Gaudebert Programmer and Game Designer
  • Portrait de Alexis Caroff Alexis Caroff Art Director and Narrative Designer

We do not compromise on our values

We maintain a work space that prioritizes the well-being of all members of our organization. That work space must be caring, inclusive, tolerant and encouraging diversity.

Any form of authority in the organization derives from the attribution of a role to a person. That authority is clearly defined and voidable.

We ensure that all members of the organization understand the reasons behind our decisions and our way of working.

We refuse to exploit cognitive biases in order to encourage our public to pay more money than they intended to spend.

We co-created Phytomancer

Phytomancer is the first game that we’ve created and sold, along with Ana Maria de Jesus, Alexis Saler and Daydreel. It’s a strategy game in which you will defend nature against the invasion of pollution. Plant magic seeds to clean a cell up, grow a sturdy tree or accelerate the propagation of grass. Surround the polluting factories with nature to bring balance back to the world. The game contains 10 levels of increasing difficulty and is available for 3€ on itch.io.